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Documenting processes – Why we do it

In the business world, a process is defined as a collection of tasks performed by people or equipment in which a specific sequence produces a service or product for a customer. The output of the process is to accomplish an organizational goal.   While the reasons to have business processes in place find wide agreement in all organizations, documenting them is certainly an undervalued activity which often results in a total lack of documentation.  This article presents the three main reasons why your organization should invest in documenting processes and why we, as Winners, support our customers to do it.   Compliance  Surely this is not the “Wow!” effect you were probably looking for, but still, compliance is one important reason for a company to document...

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Changes In Customer Behaviour

Have you ever been in a conversation, right in the middle of a sentence, when the person you’re talking to looks at their phone, scrolling to see their latest notifications and messages? And what about those smartwatch users who think they’re being discreet, just looking at the time, but their lingering glance lets you know they’re reading an email. And what about you, when you’re watching a match, or your kids playing, how many times do you pull out your phone and see what else is happening?  Human behaviour is changing. We’ve so much choice, so much content, we receive so many messages – constantly – and we’re “always on”.  What are you doing to...

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Winning with Data: 1st Edition vs 2nd Edition

I’ve been asked a few times what the difference is between the first and second edition of Winning with Data but the number one question I’m asked is, “is it worth me reading the second edition if I’ve read the first? Before I started writing this second edition, I did a lot of research on what you should do to differentiate the editions. The advice ranged from “change the cover“ (tick) and “ensure you get a new ISBN” (hmmmm…..that’s my publisher’s role), to ensure there’s a “substantial change” and a “material improvement”. The challenge for me was there’s no definition...

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