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How to measure the success within email marketing

In any business, or indeed area of business, it is always important to strive to improve. Email marketing is no different; but how do you begin to measure the success of your email campaigns and what key metrics should you look at? Whilst this may depend on the purpose of your email; engagement, revenue, awareness or one of many others, there are some key metrics you should always look at. Most email marketing platforms allow you to monitor, track, and analyse your campaign results. We believe some of the most important metrics include; open rate, click through rate, click to...

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Data Breach Fine of £183 mn for BA – what does it mean for #SportsBiz?

Many of you will have woken this morning to see the story of British Airway’s giant £183 million fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for a data breach. No, it wasn’t because they sent emails to customers who hadn’t opted-in (although I’m not making light of that matter), nor did they use wording on their forms that wasn’t clear enough (again, something we should be paying attention to). It was because they had the data of 240K customers stolen last year – contact details and more importantly, credit card details – and while the thieves were the ones who...

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