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Data Standards – what are they and why do we need them?

Maintaining data standards is an incredibly important part of your data strategy. It involves keeping your data clean, in the correct format, and verified before you do anything with it. Imagine how important it is to have the correct email address for a fan before sending out any campaigns, or the right data points before you try and find your actionable insights. If you ever want to merge your databases together in an SCV (or any other type of data warehouse) the relevant data fields must match up. They must use the same pattern.  According to a 2017 article in Harvard Business Review,...

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Types of data charts and their uses.

I can make a guess that, one day, some of you might have been faced with the question: “Which type of charts should I use for a particular piece of data?”. Nowadays, any BI tool provides you with an opportunity to choose between various charts. However, it is no surprise you always want to pick the best one which will help get the answers you need. As a data analyst, I build lots of visualizations, and have a better understanding of its usage than many people. In this blog I’d like to list my most favorite types of charts/graphs and...

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Changing the Sponsorship Dialogue – Winners’ Framework to Help you Sell More Sponsorships for More Money

There’s been a lot more discussion going on about sponsorship than normal – no doubt driven by our post-lockdown concerns about how the sports industry will be impacted, and along with that, how it will affect sponsorship. First there was TwoCircles’ widely quoted piece on Sponsorship’s Digital Revolution, and more recently sponsorship stalwart Giles Morgan talking on behalf of Pumpjack Dataworks in SportsPro’s piece Sponsorship still “massively valuable” with right data, says Giles Morgan. Both pieces – and many more that have been published in between – have led me to put pen to paper and introduce you to our...

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Four Challenges and Four Opportunities for CRM in Sports

Excerpt from Winning with Data – CRM and Analytics for the Business of Sports. The sports marketing industry has been around for many years. While the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics holds claim to being the first US event to generate broadcasting fees, the to-the-death arena fights of ancient Rome could also be considered a foundation to what’s now a multi-billion-dollar global business. Regardless of whether you believe the catalyst was our first formalised approach to commercialising an event, or wealthy aristocrats sponsoring gladiators, why has CRM become so important to the sports world that it now deserves its own book?...

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Delivering Sponsor Value

More Value for Sponsors = More Sales/Higher Fees Add real value to your sponsorship rights with a simple change to the way you include their brand in your email campaigns. Those of you who know me, will be aware I “cut my teeth” in the sports industry selling sponsorship. This went on for another 25 years. And those who have attended one of my workshops will have heard me say “if I’d known then what I know now, I’d have earned a lot more in commission.” After the laughter’s died down (yes my workshops are fun), I caveat that comment...

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There are more companies in this world who are not sponsoring sport than are sponsoring it.  That’s a fact.  But as an industry, we want to two things – 1) more companies sponsoring sport, and 2) those companies that are sponsoring, spending more on it.  Well, actually we want three – we also want them to use their sponsorships to great effect, to achieve the optimum ROI and to directly influence the growth of their business (and if we achieve that, the natural result will be that we achieve 1 and 2).  That might sound obvious because let’s face it,...

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