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Four Challenges and Four Opportunities for CRM in Sports

Excerpt from Winning with Data – CRM and Analytics for the Business of Sports. The sports marketing industry has been around for many years. While the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics holds claim to being the first US event to generate broadcasting fees, the to-the-death arena fights of ancient Rome could also be considered a foundation to what’s now a multi-billion-dollar global business. Regardless of whether you believe the catalyst was our first formalised approach to commercialising an event, or wealthy aristocrats sponsoring gladiators, why has CRM become so important to the sports world that it now deserves its own book?...

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Rights Owners – why you need to know more about your TV viewers

...when you have “the option” to go straight to your fans, you could change the position of the decimal point in your broadcaster contract.... One of the challenges/frustrations of writing a book is that you know the minute you hit “send” on the finished manuscript, submitting it to your publisher (in my case, the esteemed Routledge who did an incredible job for me), you know that you’re going to want to update or edit it even more then you’ve already done so. But as pointed out to me by Callum MacGregor (a loyal and valued colleague of over 5 years who is...

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The Future of Sports Broadcasting

This Future of Sorts Broadcasting post was written for the Institute of Sport and reproduced here with their permission. I first talked about this subject at a recent sports conference where “digital disruption” was the keyword so I decided to put pen to paper on the subject for my contribution to iSport. This is so that in 5 years’ time, whichever way it goes, you can come back to me and we can compare notes! The viewing habits of consumers are changing. No longer does a family of four sit in front of a TV screen, rapt with attention as the opening credits roll,...

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