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Types of data charts and their uses.

I can make a guess that, one day, some of you might have been faced with the question: “Which type of charts should I use for a particular piece of data?”. Nowadays, any BI tool provides you with an opportunity to choose between various charts. However, it is no surprise you always want to pick the best one which will help get the answers you need. As a data analyst, I build lots of visualizations, and have a better understanding of its usage than many people. In this blog I’d like to list my most favorite types of charts/graphs and...

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What is Data Visualisation?

I’m often asked how I define data visualisation so here’s my description – see what you think:  It’s the visual presentation of data, using graphs, charts, or other formats. What are the Benefits of Data Visualisation? That’s really easy, to sum up – data visualisation enables: Communication of information clearly and efficientlyEasier and quicker analysis and assessment of situationsThe identification of patterns or trendsComplex and copious datasets become more accessible. Data visualisation nowadays The first example we have of statistical data visualisation is a 1644 diagram by cartographer Michael Van Langren’s showing estimates of the difference in longitude between the...

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What does a Single Customer View mean?

I don’t mind admitting that when I first entered the world of data at the end of 2011, I didn’t quite understand the difference between a data warehouse and a single customer view (“SCV”), often using the references interchangeably. Fast forward nine years and not only do I know the difference between these two, I can also talk about data lakes, client data platforms (CDPs) and data management platforms (DMPs) – but let’s face it, if I couldn’t do that, you’d be wondering how I’ve been spending my last nine years, right? So what I’ve attempted to do below is...

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Shortlisted for the Yahoo! Sports Technology Awards

I was thrilled to learn last week that Winners had been shortlisted for the Yahoo! Sports Technology Awards 2019 for our work on UEFA GROW’s IT Maturity Matrix (if you haven’t yet heard of UEFA GROW you can read more here). You’ll be able to read more about the matrix once the shortlisted projects are published but one key component of it is the use of Tableau for data visualisation – the term coined for the presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. With Tableau, or indeed any software of its ilk, you can build interactive dashboards that...

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“Tell them what you are going to tell them. Tell them. Tell them what you told them.”

Whether it’s Aristotle or Dale Carnegie you ascribe to this quote, the principle behind it is that sometimes we need a bit of repetition to really understand something. Mike Bohndiek, a leading technology, commercial and business change professional operating in the sports industry, recently reviewed my book, Winning with Data – CRM and Data Analytics for the Business of Sports, and used the above to refer to the way the chapters are broken up into an introduction, thoughts, examples and summaries. In his opinion, this approach helped make it “a good read on a plane” and “light work”.  That’s exactly the...

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