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HELP! I can’t get my opt-ins into my database. A post to help Mailchimp users/developers.

Winners is a tech-neutral consultant – and by that we mean we’ll either help clients understand how to get more from their existing stack or help them identify the right tech for their current state and desired future state. However when it comes to email marketing, if a client has no experience whatsoever with using contact data, we recommend Mailchimp. The reasons are it’s very easy to use, its relatively cost-effective, and there’s no fixed term contract so you can cut your teeth on it but then move if/when your progress dictates it. Another reason is there’s a huge amount...

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Can you recover your lost email opt-ins?

Seven months on and I continue to hear of #sportsbiz rights owners who were unfortunately advised to send an “opt in” email as a result of the GDPR. These advisors (who were also working in the non-sports industry as the multiple “opt in” emails I received demonstrate) have clearly missed the point of having an opt-in in the first place – if you have to email someone to ask them to opt-in, then you didn’t have the right to email them in the first place. In case anyone reading this still believes you can email someone asking them to opt-in...

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CRM and data “can and must become the central platform to any sports business”

As some of you may know, I've recently written a book - Winning with Data: CRM and Analytics for the Business of Sports - to be published by Routledge in August this year. In the course of securing endorsements from academics and industry executives, Karen Earl, chairman of the European Sponsorship Association from 2007 to 2017, and head of Synergy and Karen Earl Sponsorship, generously gave her time to read a proof edition and provide me with her thoughts: "This book is a must-read, not only for sports governing bodies and clubs, but for anyone operating in the sponsorship and sports industries. Not...

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