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Where to Start When Tackling a Marketing Automation Project

What do I talk about when I talk about marketing automation? Marketing automation for Dummies.  It's a truth universally acknowledged that, upon being asked about their objectives, a client will invariably answer "more revenues".  Let’s not despair: it’s in the darkest hour that we are given the opportunity to rise and shine.  THE GENERAL PICTURE  I mentioned objectives because they are the starting point of any marketing automation project – in general, they should be the ‘why’ of most marketing campaigns (wouldn’t that be nice?). Defining and getting an agreement on them should be your main priority because everything depends on how you define success.  But there’s something before that: an initial framework, a gestalt you can rely upon to build your whole automation…...

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9 Steps To Customer Journey Mapping

When we talk about the customer journey at Winners, we refer to the different touch points between you and your fans/customers as they go through the process of engaging or transacting with you. And when I say transacting, I don’t necessarily mean making a purchase from you, although of course that’s often your primary goal, but you may also want your fans/customers to sign up to enter a competition, or register to play your sport, or even engage with one of your sponsors. When we map the customer journey, we should be putting ourselves in their shoes and looking at...

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CRM trends that will be big for the sports industry in 2021

If you read my recent post about the history of CRM, you’ll know that I don’t like using the term CRM. This is because the acronym's meaning has evolved significantly since the mid-1990’s when it was first introduced as contact management software, to now, when we can use it to refer to the widest definition of digital transformation.  But I’m not going to let that stop me writing a post about #sportsbiz CRM trends in 2021 – I’m just going to look at the different areas that, to me, represent the different ways we apply CRM today. More, more, and...

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How can Data-Driven Marketing Change the Way you Communicate?

In this short post we’ll look at why you need to use data change the way you communicate, how you use data and technology to achieve this, and three steps you need to take.  When we refer to data-driven marketing we mean using data to “get the right message to the right person at the right time” or as Don Peppers, the globally recognised authority on marketing and business competition, succinctly stated “treating different customers differently”. This means securing, maintaining, analysing, and using your customer data, then actively segmenting it to enable better targeting and engagement with your customers.  This need to ensure our marketing is customer-centric has...

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Changing the Sponsorship Dialogue – Winners’ Framework to Help you Sell More Sponsorships for More Money

There’s been a lot more discussion going on about sponsorship than normal – no doubt driven by our post-lockdown concerns about how the sports industry will be impacted, and along with that, how it will affect sponsorship. First there was TwoCircles’ widely quoted piece on Sponsorship’s Digital Revolution, and more recently sponsorship stalwart Giles Morgan talking on behalf of Pumpjack Dataworks in SportsPro’s piece Sponsorship still “massively valuable” with right data, says Giles Morgan. Both pieces – and many more that have been published in between – have led me to put pen to paper and introduce you to our...

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